Five on Friday #24

Happy Friday, Happy Valentine's Day, oh--and the weather is in the double digits, so let's celebrate that too! (you know, in Chicago)

Found this site while searching for a cute February wallpaper.... check it out. Adorable designs, plenty of free stuff:

Discovered this drink:

 Soooo good. And no sugar or sugar substitute. Just a very light coconut flavor. Delish.

Dresser/changing table delivered, which means we're building the nursery little by little. First step was removing all the unnecessary stuff in that room, and I do feel a bit lighter donating/selling some things we weren't using anymore. Isn't it funny how stuff just sits around waiting for you to realize that you're not going to use it ever again? Procrastination at its best.

Anyways, baseboards will get painted white, walls will get painted lavender, and I will continue to get bigger.

I'm not a huge fan of fake plants (who is??) but my cats love to ignore their food and snack on our flowers/plants/herbs. So I work with what I have. The pot and "plant" are from IKEA and when the sun shines into the bay window, it perks up my spirit. Thinking Spring...

I've been meaning to do holiday subway art in a frame for a while now, and finally have one done for Valentine's Day. I was going to decorate the frame, but I want to keep it up year round and switch out the printable for each holiday.

That's all for now! Have a great weekend, friends!
May we be done with snow 'til next year! (ha)


  1. ooooo! I am a LaCroix lover but haven't seen/tried that flavor yet! EEE! Excited! Thanks for the tip, lovely!!! xx

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