Five on Friday #23

Happy Friday! Hope you had a great week!

Just ordered this ring via Groopdealz. Looked too cute to pass up. I recently went through my inexpensive jewelry and realized that it was all out of style. So I'm starting over with this delicate ring.

Clearly, she has been practicing selfies. She had a purple tongue from a grape popsicle, and I found these photos on my phone.

We set up the changing table/dresser in the baby's room, and one of our cats loves the changing pad. Isn't that such a funny position to sleep in??
Don't worry, I'll clean it between now and May;)

I'm putting myself out there a little bit on this one, because I made a pretty dorky mistake. My long-time friend Kari (who lives across the country) asked me in an email conversation if I would send her a profile picture. After telling her that was a wierd request, I obliged and sent her my "profile" picture from this here blog. I joked to Sean that she must be setting up a profile for me on a dating site.

DUH. She meant a profile body picture... you know, because I'm pregnant. Ha.
Oh Kari, nearly 20 years of being friends with me!

Poor guy, he must live in Chicago. I love this cartoon. It makes me smile between the inches of snow and polar vortexes (vortexi?).

Have a good one, kids! Check out the link up:


  1. Hello from the link up! The ring is darling ... and your daughter is super cute :) Don't you just love finding those adorable photos on your phone when you're least expecting it? I have a couple of girlies who leave me those sweet snapshot surprises too! :) Have a lovely week, Alison! :)

    1. Yes, I love the unexpected selfies...makes up for the other 300 blurry photos I found, lol! Thanks for visiting, Brenda!