DIY Headband Holder

Hello Kitty approved.

This craft taught me a very important lesson. Make sure you have the right supplies.

I heard you could make a headband stand out of an oatmeal can, so I bought some oatmeal like a good little DIYer.

Brought it home, did the craft.....

And the headbands fell straight down. Wrong size container.

Let's just say I have a lot of oatmeal in my house right now.

Starting over, I measured and cut scrapbook paper to fit this much larger oatmeal can.

Candlestick base from dollar store...

I had to use two pieces of scrapbook paper to cover the can, but it worked. Double-stick tape holds it all in place. You could also use a hot glue gun or modge podge.

Speaking of hot glue, I attached the base, and voila!

Adorable organization.


  1. This is soooo cute and such a great idea! I hate throwing away oatmeal containers because they're so nice. Thanks!

    1. I love to reuse containers! Working on a blog post about that right now:)

  2. ah so cute, my 3 year old would love this, Miss Kitty (& Peppa!) are her absolute favourites.