Five on Friday #22

Happy Friday!

We're going to go ahead and call this the lazy girl's version of Five on Friday. I'm basically just going to post a bunch of screen shots and chat about them. Ok? Good.

Our baby boo #2's dresser is being delivered this weekend.
It'll look just like this, minus the blue wallpaper background.

Pottery Barn does this thing now where they charge you an arm and a leg for shipping, but they assemble in your home for you. Fair trade-off, I guess.

I'm excited to start turning our playroom into a little girl's room. Eeeeee!

Superbowl this Sunday. (so I've been told) I'm looking forward to hanging out with friends and enjoying football food. I do not have a Superbowl snack round-up, but this girl does, and she knows a thing or two about indulgent appetizers.

Like, White Pizza Dip:

If you aren't already following How Sweet It Is, where have you been?? I mean that in the nicest way possible...

I told you last week that I bought some hot rollers. I'm a bit disappointed by them, which could totally be user error. They're heavy as heck, burn my fingers, and make curls that are way too tight. I've already switched back to my velcro rollers, but I'm noticing that they are struggling to do their job as my hair gets longer.

My hair is the longest it's been since A was born, nearly five years ago. That would be medium length... I don't generally grow out my hair because it's so fine that it just lays there, playing dead. But, I'm determined to breathe some life into it, because I'm sick of short hair.

I was thinking about trying this tutorial, but I'm hesitant to go buy a flat iron..... when I already have straight hair. A friend of mine swears by this tool to give her a salon-like blow-out:

So maybe I'll try that? Just looking for some volume and body (weird word for hair, but there it is) without looking like I'm pretending to have curly hair. Help!

I went back to an old standby this week, and it was my favorite all over again.

A pink so muted that it goes with everything, but a pop of color among all the dreary winter grays and blacks I've been wearing lately. Spring, where are you??

And finally, I have to give a shout out to fleece leggings. has this deal which pops up about once a week. I've also seen inexpensive legging deals on Hip2Save.
Super cute, easy on the wallet. Just make sure your top is long enough, mkay?

So that's the week, folks. And if you live in a warm state, do me a favor?
Do something outside this weekend. In a tank top... with a fruity drink.


  1. Oh sweet! I was planning to make Pizza dip for a friend's super bowl party on Sunday but didn't have a good recipe to follow. Thanks for sharing and happy Friday!

    1. Looks so good, right?? Have fun at your party!